How It Works

Step 0

Plan out DAO details and governance
Think about things like: the purpose of the DAO, how voting will work, your desired legal structure, and more.
Set-up a Gnosis Safe multi-sig wallet:

Step 1

Go to:
Hit “Create your DAO”

Step 2

Input your desired DAO specifications
Inputs Include:
  1. DAO Name
  1. Token Name
  1. Token Description
  1. Token Image
  1. Gnosis Safe Address
  1. Referral Address (Optional)
  1. Mint Ricardian LLC (Optional)
Review all of the inputs
Press launch and pay gas

Step 3

Start your first funding round
Add the Coterie Capital App to your Gnosis Safe as a custom app (
Press “New mint”
Fill in the inputs
Press “Create”
Share your unique invite link to mint DAO tokens with future DAO members
All pertinent fees will automatically be deducted per the terms in the Fee Structure page linked below:
🛠️Fee Structure

Step 4

Set up voting on Snapshot
Create a space
To create a space in Snapshot follow these steps.
Create a space

Step 5

Manage post-DAO setup from the Coterie Capital App
You can manage elements such as:
  • Creating a new mint
  • Editing a mint (change price and minting period)
  • Change the maximum amount of tokens that can be minted
  • Change the NFT metadata (IPFS CID)
  • Withdraw the ETH from the contract to the Safe
  • Kick members
  • Add new members
  • View:
    • Wallet addresses of DAO members
    • Number of tokens an address owns
    • Number of funding rounds that have taken place